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Vyoma Joshi

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Hi Vyoma! I know we’ve never met but you were amazing this semester. Loved how you handled our concerns and queries so spontaneously and worked your ass off. If it wasnt for the way you scolded us, the department wouldn’t have realised what they are doing. Thankyou for that! I wish you all the best for your future! Take care!❤️

-Arushi Seth

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try She is like a shining star for TMT. She ensures that everything falls in place. Trying her best to ease out the work. She is beautiful inside out. Working with a motto to achieve goals . She has made us realise the power of simplicity . She keeps on working recklessly with a dazzling smile. Compassion and Genuine are her keys to success.

-Navya Bhatnagar 

Hi, please don’t scold me HAHA. jk. Behind the strict and the serious scold-er that you are, I have always seen you as a calm and a serene soul who is ready to take up any challenge that comes her way. From all the beautiful content pieces you’ve written to all the speeches you’ve helped us with in this session, you’re amazing. You’re so talented and I am so sure, the future holds so much for you. I will always remember you for your crisp and to the point advice and of course all the scolding sessions that were led by you hehe. Thank you for being so kind and nice.

- Arushi Kothari

Dear seniors
I can’t explain how grateful I feel to be part of such an incredible society where each of my seniors made me feel so welcome and comfortable. From day one, I’ve received so much support, guidance and patience as I tread my path as a first year.
It is with a lot of bitter sweet emotions that I’m saying goodbye today. It feels surreal to me that I’ve known all of you for so many months and I’ve cherished each moment that I’ve spent learning under you. I wish that all of you achieve whatever dreams you’ve set out for yourself as there is no one more worthy than you creative , smart and intelligent group of JMCites💗💗

- Vrinda

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. I know you’ll make us all proud ❤️
You’re going to be missed!!

- Sanskriti

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