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The Final Escape

_A Halloween heist, the quest for the ultimate genius!_  


As a part of *'SPOOKY SOIRÉE'*, the Mercurian Times presents the first sub-event  - *_{THE FINAL ESCAPE}_* 

*cue the James Bond theme song 


Get ready to tackle all the obstacles we throw your way, with mind-boggling riddles and ghostly vibes intact. ☠️


🧭 *Round 1-* The online round commencing from October 28. 

🧭 *Final Round-* October 31, 5pm. 


Don’t be a scaredy cat - 

Come in teams of 2 🏿or as lone wolves if you have the might, 

because you’re in for a *fang-tastic night!* 


Visit to *register* before the ghost of FOMO catches up to you!  



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