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It’s an honour for our organization. To have someone like you. With your hard work you have taken us to the top. 

May God help you in all your endeavors, and always bring success to your doorstep. Wishing you much joy & happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life. Will miss you all take care����

-Nandini Verma

This is for my FAVVVVV president. From my first year, during the recruitment process, to getting printouts for Evoon notes and to organising online events, you have been the one who motivated me, pushed me to do better and helped me pull off so many things. I can’t imagine that now there will be no gossip sessions and laughter filled google meets where i always give the most weird ideas XD. 

I’m gonna miss you so so so much! Wishing you the best:) 

-Anchal Mehta

Being in TMT for 2 years now, I had an amazing experience and I think it was even better due to the amazing vp and then president that you have been . You are such a positive person, and radiate such happy energy, that even my introverted self felt like talking to you :p. You've been kind and helpful to people that you do not even know much, including me, and I hope that kindness comes back to you ten fold. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours, and keep that amazing smile on always! (:


Hi Srishti pishti! I know you must get this a lot but you really are sunshine in human form. Your passion, hard work and liveliness continue to inspire me and you really have set a path that a lot of girls from TMT will follow in. We’ve been lucky to have you as president and I know we would’ve been bffs if it wasn’t for corona  This is a new beginning and I hope you grow and learn but never leave behind your cheerfulness. Sending lots of love and good luck, I’ll miss you!


I honestly do not know how you’re not annoyed and done with me yet. I never thought I could
grow and learn so much from someone with the session being online, and believe it or not, all
that I have learnt is through you. From adding the little cute flowers in the messages to closing
title sponsor deals a day before the event, I’ve learnt the most basic things and learnt to deal
with overly stressful times. To have someone so sweet and chill to talk to in the middle of an
event crisis was the biggest relief. I am genuinely so thankful and grateful to have you as the
person I could look up to. You might be getting rid of the college but don’t be too happy, you’re
never getting rid of me. I will miss you for your chill yaaaa and your 2kool4skool advice. Thank
you for all that you’ve taught me. Don’t forget me!

-Arushi Kothari

I would like to express my gratitude to our beloved president for being a big source of influence in my life. She has been a great leader for all of us and encouraged us to take on every opportunity. With her warmth and appreciation I managed to learn a great deal from her. She has been very kind to everyone that's what pushed us to participate in every activity even more. No matter how late you show up at the meetings she welcomes each one us with a smile that can melt hearts. Thank you for shaping the destiny of junior students around you and believing in each one us while helping us to grow and succeed!


Such a gem of a person. She is a true inspiration for our team and never fails to motivate us as the head. Shrishti has been a constant support and a great help to us thought the year. Wishing her best of everything, for her future

- Arushi Jain

To the coolest President! 

Thankyou for guiding us, not losing your temper even when we asked stupid questions and handling everything so well. Working with you would've been so much fun in college but I guess we've made the best of what we could. Thankyou for making Evoon one of the best experiences. Team TMT will miss you :(

-Anashwara Menon

You are the most sweetest person i encountered with such a positive aura.The seniors work as the demonstrator for the juniors and you were truly one of them.You were the most approachable person who had the solution to every problem.You were the PRESIDENT of the mercurian times and you gave full justice to your title. 

We will miss your dashing personality and impressive team leadership. Wishing you a bright and better life

-Ishika Arora.

She is truly my source of inspiration. The way she motivates her team is absolutely commendable. She knows how to make the monotonous online sessions so much fun and interesting. I still remember the day when I was selected in the interview round and Srishti and I were discussing about my favourite singer and his songs. I totally adore her bubbly personality. Wishing her the best of luck for all her future endeavors.


-Rajaswi Batish

 Heyyy!! Thats how all our conversations start xD I’ve seen you since I joined this society and always looked up to you for being so considerate and caring towards all the members. I really adore the way you handle everything with a smile. Thankyou for always picking up my calls and dealing with my sponsor situations🤭 

Still feel bad about that bakery not going through and hence our stealing🤣 I’m really going to miss you and cant imagine anyone filling the President position better than you🥺 Take care!!!️ Love you  

-Arushi Seth

*To our source of inspiration*

If you want to meet a person who's chilled out and hard working at the same time, there SHE is. 

From checking on the events to being the most sweetest, She is literally the one on whom everyone is dependent. 

To all the secrets that helped TMT achieve its success, to being cheerful and the most enthusiastic , she literally can do it all . She has made us beleive the value in hard work. She is quirky , cheerful , sweetest and unstoppable. 

From planning things out to actually working hard to achieve it , this girl is amazing. 

Thank You for all the unforgettable memories.

- Navya Bhatnagar

Srishti Babbar

Photo from Mrudula!✨.jpg

Roses are red, violets are blue 

Keep your smile intact 

We’re gonna miss you!❤️✨

-Paridhi Sikri

Wish we could've met you before you graduated, even though I haven't met you in person, you seem the sweetest out of all, I remember the orientation day, when you told about the most daring thing you did in your life because that was the only thing you could have said in front of so many people but I'm sure you have a lot in store;).You tried your level best to make everyone feel excited and a part of this society even though we gave no enthusiastic responses. You were the coolest president I could ever wish for. Keep shining and glowing like you do! 


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