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Saumya Thakur


“Saumya : The epitome of professionalism and fashion”


She is a heap of talents and a ton of energy. Her inner spirit of enthusiasm and openness to appreciate even the littlest minutes in life. She is that splendid shading who can blend in with any shade and surprisingly light up a pitiful soul. An insane cricket fan and a passionate basketballer. You have been a shoulder to many and an expert guide. Being in company with you is rarely tedious. This individual can be so inspiring that a person like me writing about her after knowing only for a half year plus by working with her on an online platform only :(

Despite the fact that you probably won't track her down in class however you would often find her chilling on the sports ground, occupied in her manali trips, posing for some aesthetic looks and of course networking for upcoming events. Times spent with you have always brought great memories. Will surely miss the version of  saumya- funny, caring and a free soul with high ambitions.In spite of the fact that we were unable to bid you with a stunning goodbye but do remember  how much your juniors adore you. 


Tips: If you're someone seeking a photographer, the best idea is to move toward her to wind up with some "per-f-ect pictures". 


Happy journey! As you set sail for a new voyage of opportunities and never lose that smile of yours!


~ with love an anonymous junior


She is one of the most dynamic, creative and hardworking personalities I have worked with. The one who takes the world by a storm with her creative and fun ideas- your innovative ideas will definitely be missed! With her welcoming personality she is always ready to help. She is an inquisitive and driven individual who works towards striving perfection in everything that she does! We will remember you with warm thoughts and memories and would love to stay in contact with you. The very best wishes to you in the future!


It's a very long road but it will be worth it. There is a difference between babbling about work and actually doing it. TMT has always been lucky and grateful to have found people who work with all their potential. This girl right here knows how to put her strength and dedication to her work. She has been one of the gems for TMT. If you ever cross path with her, out of so many qualities that she possesses try and learn the quality of self believe that she has. She is unstoppable and always ready to blossom. You presence would be missed. May you achieve more heights in future.

-Arushi Kothari

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