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Sanra Susan Benny


I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become

There are very less people who will always know how to smile even during tough times. She is one of them. In the pursuit of happiness she beemed to an optimistic person . Being around her is of extreme joy and happiness. She has worked with confidence and persistence for TMT. This is what makes her the way she is. Learning through the lessons of life and being motivated is her key to success. We have been so grateful that we got the opportunity to work with her. 

Cheers to all the years and many more wonderful years await.

-Navya Bhatnagar

Be it catchy campaigns or the crazy events, you managed to make every one of them better
with your individuality. Thank you for being so patient with everything. All the best!

- Arushi Kothari

If you ever cross paths with her, you will always find her with an infectious smile on her face. She is like a ray of sunshine and positivity that draws everyone's attention. Always an enthusiastic part of the team, bringing her unrelenting joy in every meeting. Her blessed heart will always be there to help you out, no matter what!  Her oh so bright smile, sweetness and passion will be missed! We wish you the best of luck in your next adventure and may you succeed in the next chapter of your life!

-Arushi Kumari

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