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The Dream

She loved to travel,

To explore, to unravel.

A dream of years,

To go for solo trips.

But she wondered,

Would her dream come true

Without any hardships?

Everyone said,

No! Not possible!

Doubting herself in a moment, she said

"Am I incapable,

of travelling all alone?

Am I incapable,

To explore places unknown?"

"Don't doubt yourself", her mother said

"Even I had a dream just like you,

To travel across the world,

To places with the best view!"

Sadness in her eyes,

Her dreams were unfulfilled

"I was never allowed" her mother said,

forced to stay at home, instead!

The daughter was determined

To fulfil her dreams

To prove that women,

Can face the extremes.

Proud of her daughter,her mother said

"I support you, go ahead!"

A happy ending like this,

Not every woman's reality.

Many aspirations killed,

By society's brutality

Many dreams left unfulfilled,

Due to sick mentality.

A happy ending like this,

would be every woman's reality,

Only if we break the shackles of partiality

A happy ending like this

would be every woman's reality,

If we keep fighting for our equality.

By Vridhi Hingorani


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