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The Best Companion

Shyra while returning home from college after having a bad day. She was feeling very low and didn’t know how to get out of her funk. As she stepped onto the porch, her mother asked her if everything was fine in a voice laced with concern. Nodding her head out of habit, she went up to her room.

Mother didn’t know that earlier that day she was scolded by her history teacher for not completing her assignment on time. This was a recurring theme and Shyra couldn’t quite think of how to break this monotonous cycle she was stuck in.

To top it all off, she’d had a fight with her best friend Sakshi a few days ago and due to her introverted nature, Shyra had no one to turn to after her only companion had left her.

The Corona Virus crisis and the all-India lockdown only added fuel to her prolonged sadness.

The following day she went to market to buy some stuff. On her way back home, she saw a little puppy hiding under a car because some big dogs were after his life. Shyra somehow helped the puppy come out from under the car and the moment she saw his face she felt her heart melt. He was a spotless white colour with bright blue eyes, with ribs showing as he used to live on the street. On impulse, she decided to take him home.

When she reached home her mom was quite frightened because she always had a fear of dogs but Shyra’s dad convinced her because he knew that this puppy might help Shyra in overcoming her depression.

The puppy was named Casper. She took very good care of him and fed him with all the food that he required. Days passed by, Shyra and Capser developed a very close bond and became best friends.

Shyra’s dad was right - it was Capser who helped Shyracome out of her shell and before she knew it, everything started getting better too. She resolved her fight with Sakshi and started performing better in college. Being around Casper, playing and taking care of him made her the happiest she’d been in a while.

This story proves how just one little ball of fur can change your whole life but you too, need to take care of them with love and compassion and just like that, they will fill your lives with the colours of the rainbow. The kind of love that they shower upon us is so pure and selfless. Give a pet in need a home, adopt don’t shop!


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