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Social Media Detox & Self Care



In this world where we are full of logging in on social media sites, have we forgotten the password to ourselves? 53.6% of the world's population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes. Do you know how much time you spent on social media? If not, I would suggest you observe it one day and compare it with the amount of time you spent towards self-care. By self-care I don’t just mean bubble baths with lit candles or eating your favourite food or taking yourself to shopping at your favourite outlet but instead actually checking in on your mental and physical health. 

We are living in such a dynamic time, so busy with our work, social relationships, trying to click that perfect instagram worthy photo, and often we forget to connect with ourselves. While social media is fun, it can sometimes be toxic as it can make us lethargic, can strain our eyes and can make us extremely unproductive and cause mental stress.

Self care is the key to happiness and to unlocking your absolute potential. You have to take care of your body more than you care about that insta-perfect picture, for you are nothing without your health. So, eat healthy food and indulge in some fun workouts; take a deep breath and then some more, calm your mind, and connect with your higher-self. Surely do the work you are supposed to, but do not forget to invest in things that inspire you, the ones that you are passionate about. Try setting aside a whole day where you disconnect from social media and instead use the time to connect with yourself, for your mental and physical health is something that you must treasure for your current and future self. And most importantly, love yourself, for everything in your life begins with you.


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