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Reintroduction of Shein and Its Impact

Shein, the Clothing Giant created the utmost gush and excitement in every girl's mind who ardently wanted the online store to come back. It had been banned amidst the Covid-19 pandemic but has made a striking comeback through Amazon, another trusted and celebrated online platform. While fast fashion brands do always have a devastating impact on the environment, the affordable, stylish options often make edgy environment-conscious young adults overlook the damage.

Shein has been seen to deal in labour practices with children under 14 working in Bangladesh factories and low sustainability too but still has 23.3M followers and has made a profit of $10 billion alone in 2020.

It shows no transparency and has been loaded with copyright claims and selling of insensitive pieces like Muslim prayer mats as 'frilled reek carpets'. Fast fashions like Shein are responsible for 20% of global wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions. But if we receive cheap and trendy products we can negotiate with the ever rising issues right?

To avoid a Shein friendly market we must promote small scale businesses and domestic companies. Recently, a lot of people have started small scale businesses of various clothes, edibles, hampers etc.

All of us consumers are well aware that it is extremely difficult to lift a small business from the scratch given the competition and variety prevalent today.

However, our citizens work hard but many got disheartened due to the relaunch of Shein as the competition just jumped to a whole new level with super fast delivery and new products launching every 5-7 days. The mysterious brand with No phone number, no email and certainly no press contact to be found online will eat up all the domestic markets.

As sympathetic and conducted citizens we must promote local brands and small scale businesses and not let our people deviate towards foreign clothing stores like Shein. The youth should understand the importance of circulating the country's capital for the prosperous growth.

If we continue to throw out money on MNCs and fast stores, not only the environment but also our cultural legacy and hard working small scale businesses will get hampered. The clock is ticking and we must make a wise decision.


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