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Cheer or Be Clear?

It’s a no brainer that we adore having a buddy who can have our back when we need it the most. Friendship, unlike many other relationships, is stronger and mightier and indefinitely can turn out to be one of the most exquisite pleasures in life. A friend is someone who shows up in our lives as a stranger and makes an impact powerful enough to be memorable for a lifetime.

Within the realms of a friendship going strong, there are many layers to what we experience. Every friendship is unique in its own way, just like people being individually peculiar. From the spectrum of a friendship, we may cross one of the most fragile bridges: To cheer or be clear?

What I mean by my previous statement is that what is the right thing to do when we know that our friend is doing something which might not be very fruitful for them, but we see the way their eyes sparkle and get lit up when they think about that venture, person or situation? Are we supposed to empower them because we know exactly how enthusiastic they’re about it or are we supposed to give them some tough love and guide them in the right direction?

While many might go with tough love, we are supposed to keep in mind that we don’t hurt the feelings of our dear friends in the process. So, we come to crossroads again! Now what?

I reckon the right thing to do would be to actually listen and draw out the possible consequences of their plan and actions, to ask them questions that make them reflect more on the subject and draw out the flaws and be rational. Talking and proper communication are great weapons and hold a power stronger than what people anticipate them to be. One must communicate their thoughts without hurting the other, but enough to make them ponder over it. Reconsideration changes minds. Once they’re done, they’ll either pick their choice or go with what you thought was right. Either way, it is for the best that you leave the final decision to them so that they don’t have any regrets for choosing your advice and to prevent yourself from sabotaging your own friendship.

Last but certainly not least, respect whatever they choose at the end of the day. No matter how much you know about them, they are the ones who live their reality which gives them their own perspective. Don’t get all pouty if you guys aren’t on the same page. You have differences, which is why you complete each other.


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