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The day you looked me

in my eyes,

I already knew the place

Where my world would reside.

Maybe not for a lifetime

But surely at one point of time.

Brown eyes with depth beneath,

Unexplored of the love that resides within.

Fingers, untouched.

Creases unveiling a different tale,

Divulging a lifeline about love,

Apprising, it'll be all worth.

Lips unmoved, yet speaks a lot,

Gives a touch of calmness,

Gives a touch of thirst.

Beauty comes with brain,

Sometimes sorted, sometimes scattered

Quick on the uptake and yet gormless to not know your own worth.

And so, here, I'll be present,

Till the day I can,

To remind you forever

of the galaxy that lies within your unexplored eyes.

-Nishika Simon


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