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Kareena Oberoi

An absolute reflection of what an ambitious person looks like. She is pro in her work . Each day with her is like learning a new thing. She is energetic , enthusiastic , encouraging and the list can go on and on . A girl who believes in the quality work rather than quantity. She has a dynamic personality , her smile can make your day. With all the creative work she has done for TMT all throughout the years she teaches the members how to be goal oriented and keep on trying until to succeed.
- Navya Bhatnagar
Every college society consists of a girl who is both an amazing leader as well as has bomb makeup skills, well, Kareena is that girl in TMT. She is beauty with brains. Her ebullient personality is like a cherry on the cake. I'm glad to have been a part of TMT under her guidance. Wishing her the best of luck in all her future endeavors. Xoxo
- Rajaswi Batish
I remember you interviewing me for the society auditions and the first impression i had about you was a very sweet and polite person.You exhibit all qualities a leader should have and it was a great experience working with you Wishing you mountains of success and good wishes to live your dream each and every moment.”Wherever you go, our well-wishing always will be with you.
- Ishika Arora

Hi Kareena! Your constant passion and contagious personality has led me to grow very fond of you in the time I’ve known you. This might be a scary new beginning for you but I know your awesome self will be just fine! Just don’t let anything dim that bright smile and always remind yourself to be the queen that you are. Lucky to have worked under your guidance and I’ll miss you. Sending lots of love and good luck for whatever you’re going to do next!


I can’t explain how grateful I feel to be part of such an incredible society where each of my seniors made me feel so welcome and comfortable. From day one, I’ve received so much support, guidance and patience as I tread my path as a first year.

It is with a lot of bitter sweet emotions that I’m saying goodbye today. It feels surreal to me that I’ve known all of you for so many months and I’ve cherished each moment that I’ve spent learning under you. I wish that all of you achieve whatever dreams you’ve set out for yourself as there is no one more worthy than you creative , smart and intelligent group of JMCites💗💗

- Vrinda

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. I know you’ll make us all proud ❤️

You’re going to be missed!!

- Sanskriti

Dear Kareena,
You were the first senior I properly interacted with and became friends with in college. I remember going back home with a huge smile on my face after those small tech team meetings. You’ve ALWAYS been the polite and energetic soul, you’ve inspired me in ways that I never thought anyone could. I was always in awe of how creative your ideas were and how beautiful your designs were. Seeing you taking up so many initiatives be it in college or outside of college, motivated me to do more. Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve been a HUGE admirer. I am so sure you’re going to be so successful and achieve so much in the future. You’ll definitely be the first person I’ll come running to when I need design advice hehe.

- Arushi Kothari

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