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I remember I met you for the very first time on the basketball court when we were preparing for
the flashmob. You danced with all your heart and energy on every song. It wasn’t until months
later that I realised we were in the same school and never knew each other. Cons of being in a
school with a 100 sections, honestly. I will always remember you for the determination you worked with for everything.

Thank you for being so sweet and lovely.

All the best!

- Arushi Kothari

Hey, Jaya! 
You're the most cheerful, kind and gentle person I ever came across. Your aura is so calm and enchanting. 
You have a way of making others feel at home. I met you at a peace SoC event and since then, I have always known you as the ethereal beauty of our college.
Your smile is contagious. I will miss having a senior like you♥️♥️🌻


Well hello there Jayu!!! It’s no secret you’re everyone’s favourite - and rightly so! You’ve got your head in the clouds but your feet firm on the ground, which is why the outside world isn’t going to know what hit them when you take over. You’re absolutely magical and a joy to be around and I couldn’t have asked for better content co-heads. Though I haven’t known you for very long, I’m certain this is a friendship we’ll take on for lots of years to come. Hope you continue to take on every task at hand with the same passion and curiosity forever. I’m going to miss you loads. Lots of love and good luck to you babe❤️

- Nits

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