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After two successful years of their flagship event, EVOON, The Mercurian Times came back stronger and brought another instalment of the most awaited event of the year, EVOON 3.0 organised on 9th and 10th April,2021. Even though the pandemic reduced their options, The Mercurian Times didn’t let it falter their spirits. In Blogger’s Concave, a plethora of budding bloggers from various fields were invited to talk to the audience. They were as follows: Mr. Paritosh Anand (entrepreneur, public speaker and content creator) Mrs. Karishma Yadav Bhalla (Indian fashion and beauty blogger) Mr. Sukrit Jain (Founder of the great indian foodie) Ms. Arushi Chib (Digital Creator, You-tuber and a former Splitsvilla contestant) Mr. Vedant Rusty (a public speaker and you-tuber) Ms. Niki Mehra (Indian fashion and beauty blogger) Ending on a musical note by Mr. Anurag Kumar Apart from this, a wide variety of fun filled events were also organised to cater to everyone’s interests. In the creative arts competition, MIRAGE, with the theme ‘What’s your reality?’, participants were given a platform to show everyone what their perception of reality was. A diverse range of beautiful entries were submitted for the same, including paintings, sketches, poems, photographs and crafts. All the participants successfully captured the world through their lens in their submissions. Battle it out, a game of wits for the sharp business minds, was a quiz competition that tested the participants’ analytical skills, business knowledge and financial acumen. It saw a great turnout and participants battled their brains off to win attractive cash prizes and goodie bags! Fame the Game made all the participants use their knowledge and their memory. Consisting of two rounds, the event was a huge success!! In the first round, brand blisters, they had to puzzle skills to find the various brand names hidden in a word box by using the help of the clues. In the next round, trend erasers, the participants had to jog their memories and answer questions about the lockdown and the trends from it. The winners won exciting hampers and coupons! All these sub events together made Evoon 3.0 a big success!

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