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 A culmination of fun and inspiration, the First edition of our Flagship event EVOON-was definitely worth a swoon.

The main crowd puller for the day was the star-studded Bloggers' Conclave. Apart from bloggers from diverse fields of food, fun, and fitness like Shraddha Gurung, Simran Khosla and Kabir Bhartiya, we had Bigg Boss fame and Ex-Google employee, Nitibha Kaul as our surprise speaker. They spoke about the importance of following their dreams without fear and how blogging lead them to a successful life, leaving all inspired. Then, Astitva-The Band took over the stage creating a beautiful musical atmosphere with all swaying to their melodious beats.


To conclude, the first edition of Evoon was amusing and awe-inducing. 

With Evoon 2.0 coming soon, the excitement and thrill is going to be on fleek, it is going to be a bigger and better treat!

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