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Divyanshi Bhardwaj


You’ve blessed TMT with some of the most beautifully written articles, even after having so many things on your plate. Thank you for being so patient with everything. All the best!

- Arushi Kothari

Hi Divyanshi! I haven’t known you for very long but if college wasn’t online, I’m sure you and I would’ve been pals  Now that your college life has come to an end, I wanted to remind you that it is also a brand new beginning and I’m sure you’re going to do great things! Your compassion, kindness and jovial nature are things I like best about you and I hope you continue to spin words into magic like you already do. The world isn’t ready for what you have to offer. Good luck!.

-Nitya (your content head, in case you forget about me in 2 months)

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