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Jesus and Mary College




TOPIC: Cleanliness

DATE: 14th April 2021

TIME: 4:00 PM

PLATFORM: Google Meet


On 14th April 2021, The Mercurian Times, the official newsletter of Jesus and Mary College, effectively performed an NGO session as a part of our flagship event “Evoon”, headed by the Content department with heads, Aarushi Bhutani, Jaya and Nitya Babbr and volunteered by Arya, Iffat, Mallika and Stefiya.


This year we collaborated with Children Wise (NGO), which aims to uplift the lives of children who are underprivileged and differently-abled. The organisation currently operates through the online mode of teaching via Zoom and WhatsApp video calls where they not only focus on teaching academic subjects but also on fulfilling their overall needs.


The event was themed “Cleanliness” and was designed to enlighten children on the importance and ways to maintain cleanliness in and around them. The program was structured with a plan of imparting the sense of responsibility that one should have as an individual towards cleanliness along with some fun activities that made the session interactive and engaging..


The session started with a get-to-know program, followed by a fun game based on the facts about cleanliness in a true or false quiz round. The event continued with an open discussion over the topic including a short comic clip. Lastly, it concluded with a painting competition on the topic “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. The children were gifted with candies and chocolates for their active participation throughout the event.


The event was an extremely enriching and delightful experience, designed to interact with and educate the ones we can.

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