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Bhavya Malik

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Meet Bhavya Malik, Marketing Department Head Of The Mercurian Times, Jesus & Mary College. 

She is one of the incredibly talented students who is focused and determined towards her work. Whether it’s being a huge support or a helping hand towards her own department, she has always continued to keep her chin high. 

She has always been so generous towards her society members that it portrays what a beautiful human being she is. 

She also followed her passion of make up which led her to be a successful Make up Artist. She delivers commendable skills in her respective field. 

Thereafter, she started her own make up page on Instagram. She got featured in various famous pages such as facescanada, colleressenceofficial, unicorncomestics etc.

She has been an extremely hardworking core team member who had never let us down. She is indeed a combination of Beauty with Brains. 

Despite of the hard challenges, she always lifted us with new ideas. 

She has been such an enthusiastic part of our department. 

Hence, it is hard to see her sign off from the team.

We wish her best of luck for all her future endeavours, and hope she shines out in every path of her life.


Lots of love,

~ Shriya Soni, Marketing Team, TMT 2020-21.

Be it the crazy campaigns or the absolutely insane makeup looks, I’ve always admired you for
what you do and the passion you do it with. I’m so glad I could meet someone who is not afraid
to put themselves out there and be the best version of themselves. You’re honestly an
inspiration to so many, I am sure that there’s a lot that’s waiting for you in the near future. All the

-Arushi Kothari

*Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart*

This one right here is extremely possessive about the way she wants to carries herself. You will always find her with a glow on her face , a dazzling smile and always on point. If you want any advices related to the latest trends in beauty , she will welcome you with the sweetest smile. 

If you are around her you will be attracted by the confidence this girl carries out. There's so much you can learn from her each day.From talking about random stuff to working with full concentration she can ace everything. She works with full dedication and compassion . From 

Cheers to all the years she has worked for TMT. 

The marketing department would not be the same without you ️

- Navya Bhatnagar

With her dash of sass and sparkling eyes, she is a people's person, always socialising and guiding the team. Be it meticulously working through the day or having loads of fun during events, she surely knows how to get the best of both the worlds! She has a passion for make- up and dedicatedly maintains an instagram venture. Her makeup looks are truly to die for! 

We feel lucky to have worked with you. Your guidance and method of working will be missed by each one of us. I have personally always admired you and will always. We hope to keep in touch and wish that we meet (not google meet) someday and have a blast. My heartiest good wishes will be with you always. Farewell, we wish you the very best and a great achievement in all your future endeavours! 

-Ayushi Kumari

Dear seniors
I can’t explain how grateful I feel to be part of such an incredible society where each of my seniors made me feel so welcome and comfortable. From day one, I’ve received so much support, guidance and patience as I tread my path as a first year.
It is with a lot of bitter sweet emotions that I’m saying goodbye today. It feels surreal to me that I’ve known all of you for so many months and I’ve cherished each moment that I’ve spent learning under you. I wish that all of you achieve whatever dreams you’ve set out for yourself as there is no one more worthy than you creative , smart and intelligent group of JMCites💗💗

- Vrinda

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