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Ardisha Chhabra

Photo from Mrudula!✨ (5).jpg

Thank you for guiding us, motivating us, and always encouraging us to have an extra mile.

We will surely miss your charming smile!

Looking forward to staying in touch!

All the best for the next station!


Hi gossip buddy xD I never imagined I would be so open with a person I’ve never even met. You’re so amazing with how you make everyone comfortable around you. Thankyou for dealing with the Finance department despite of your third year load. I’m going to miss our bitching sessions xD I hope to meet you someday in real life. I can imagine how chill you’re going to be. Take care and all the best for future!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

-Arushi Seth

Bro you’re honestly so chill, I remember being super lazy and tired to attend virtual meetings but
to see you be all happy, cheer-y and excited made me get back my energy. Thank you for
motivating me and the entire team with your crazy and spontaneous self. I am so glad I could
get to meet you even if it was all virtual. All the best! - Arushi Kothari

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