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The Mercurian Times is the first of its kind E-Newsletter and Magazine of Jesus and Mary college, University of Delhi. Set out to provide the best exposure to our members, to showcase their talent and creative thinking by nurturing and putting them on a platform. We, at TMT serve up a cocktail of content for your reading pleasure. Best served cold.    

We live in the age of ever-evolving technology, where one must always be aware and on their toes. The Mercurian Times aims to stride alongside the happenings of the world and remain in touch with the times. We share our views and encourage you to do the same, always learning, always growing but never quitting. 

To be your go-to compendium of content to inspire, energise and encourage. From being an information hub to an entertainment venue, TMT thrives to create the best version of our members and readers. May we always ask questions and seek answers so the light inside us never dims.


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